Alea Partners at ICE London 2023

alea partners ice london

ALEA PARTNERS AT ICE LONDON 2023 February, 2023 ICE London is a unique event that sums up everything that is happening in the online gaming industry. Over the last few years it has become bigger and better, so we were thrilled to attend this year and present our products to a captive audience of industry […]

Summer in Africa

Summer in Africa June 8, 2022 A lot of fun, but also the creation of new business collaborations Our Igor Radukić and Srdjan Blazevic were at Namibia. Since we are the largest supplier of gaming software in that part of the world, their time was filled with various meetings, but they also found time to enjoy the beautiful Windhoek. […]

Alea Partners @ London

Alea Partners @ London June 8, 2022 After two years again at ICE365! The season of events is here! We spent the last few days in London at the largest global gathering of gaming operators in Europe! More than 116 countries presented their products during the three days of the fair, and the great hosts, […]

Spring in Malaysia 2022

Spring in Malaysia 2022 June 8, 2022 In addition to business commitments, we must admit that we had great fun and enjoyed the free time with amazing people. After this great country opened its borders for visitors, we visited our valuable customers and partner in Malaysia. In addition to business commitments, we must admit that […]